Unrecognized files would still be in the list after successful lookup


this may be just “as it was designed to be” and in that case mine is a feature request, but I find it difficult to believe anbody could have designed it like this, so I start with a bug report:

unrecognized files in the File List, I select them all, I lookup for them, the popup opens, some or all of the files are succesfully recognized, I close the popup and am informed that the files have been moved to the trusted files. When the popup closes all the files are still there as unrecognized. I try to change selection to recognized and then again unrecognized to see if the list will be refreshed. But it is not.
I need to close all with OK, and reopen the settings.
This is unpractical when of all the lookup was only partially succesful, as in that case I want to submit or clear the remaining files.


That is because it is a static display, not dynamic.

Hmmm, shouldn’t be dynamized when I click on the file rating option top right and select another box instead of unrecognised?
I would expect this to refresh the list.

Anyway. I find it unpractical :slight_smile:

This would better be suited as a Wish request to make the file list display dynamic. Moving to Incomplete section.