Unrecognized files observed for sooo long ago (sandbox)


Currently I am having issues with 2 PCs that have installed CIS Pro, both running WinXP SP3.
First PC has 3 unrecognized files being observed by CIS.
Second PC has 4 unrecognized files being observed by CIS.

All 7 files are completely different from one another.
The thing is that they are sitting there for many months already (a little bit more than a year quarter).
I manually submit them, and CIS says thay they were already submitted (of course if they were sandboxed where they were first executed on the PCs).

What do I do? I mean, I know I can manually put them on whitelisting.
But I think the whole idea to submit them is that I dont have to take such decisions and leave it to the experts, right?

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this isnt a bug just a problem with comodos file analysis priorities.
i have made a wish about it.

Thank you Denis. A wishlist has been created. Sorry for my mistake.

Thank you for creating the wish. :-TU

Thanks moved to Defense+ help board.