Unrecognized Files List

In CIS 8, Unrecognized Files List is simply unknown files list & not sandboxed files list like in previous versions, right?

Hi naren,
The process and behaviour from either version should be very similar for unrecognized files as far as I know (Sandboxed).
Unknown Files version 8-Comodo Help
Unknown Files version 7-Comodo Help

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So as sandbox/autosandbox is full virtual now, resetting sandbox will clear unrecognized files list too, right?

Hi naren,
Auto-sandbox restrictions will be determined by the results of the unrecognized files scanning process.

....resetting sandbox will clear unrecognized files list too, right?
No it will not clear the unrecognized list or even delete the file. Running an unrecognized file in the sandbox is not the same as downloading or creating a file in the sandbox. You can run any unrecognized or safe file from the system in the sandbox, then reset the sandbox the file remains unaltered on the system.

I hope my explanation is accurate.

Captain and Naren are both correct in some sense. It depends on how the file/application enters the system. If the user downloads an unknown application from the internet and it gets sandboxed as FV resetting the sandbox will delete all the files the applications creates/installs when resetting the sandbox. If the user has, lets say, firefox already intalled then runs it as FV then resets the sandbox all the real files on the system will stay intact but the copies made to the FV environment will be deleted.

To test this run an app as FV then reset the sandbox. Then go to the unrecognized files list and purge it. You will see which files were deleted after resetting the sandbox because those files will no longer exist.

Hope that makes sense.