Unrecognized Files Issue

Ever since I had to use a restore point on windows recovery; (perhaps coincidence?) I’ve had the ‘unrecognized files’ page on (Comodo Internet Security / Firewall application) though it has a positive number and continues to increment show up blank and not be able to interact with any of the ‘unrecognized files’ since they won’t populate/load into the page.

I save settings to a .cfgx file and uninstalled the application and rebooted and reinstalled and then imported my settings file. The problem still exists. I assume the imported settings allowed it to continue to exist. And I also assume that if I could clear the unrecognized files as remove from list via whatever method manually out of the config settings file or by deleting whatever repository/file they exist in in whatever folder that the problem would go away.

Is there any other way outside of the ‘unrecognized files’ page to clear the ‘unrecognized files’ from the list. I’m happy to blanket remove them all through any method. Since the settings import created the problem again; modifying it might be the easiest. Perhaps I could edit something in there so that they are not carried over from the old install? I need some idea what to remove from the .cfgx file? Or can I just delete some file under comodo folder to kill the list an reset i to blank. Or is there some other setting that I could toggle from like manual decisions to automated and back that would reset the page in the process?

This has been the worst working part of this program for me. Even before this issue it has thrown every windows file it comes across into that list, especially after windows updates, and if do not respond to that list somewhere between 100-500 files are in it; it will hang or ignore assignments to the files. I’ve had to autoselect all and remove all multiple times already (when that worked) just so that when it repopulated I could assign them when there were small enough number that it would accept my assignments to the files without either hanging or just ignoring and not asigning or clearing the files upon exit. Since it tosses all windows files in there it fills up quick.