Unrecognised Files


I installed the new release of CIS version and every time I reboot I get 1000’s of unrecognised files.

If I mark them as Trusted and reboot again I get 1000’s of unrecognised files again.

Any suggestions ?


It happened to me too, in the beta. After a few minutes, return to the normal number. But every time it starts, there are those 1000 unknown.


See attached.

I got 1000’s of unrecognised files except now I can’t see any the list is blank.

To start with I had 12382 of unknown files then after making them trusted I now have as per screen shot 3062 but I can’t see them.



Perhaps multiple things are wrong.

Something is making them Untrusted again.
The Trusted Rule is not working as expected.

You need to add a new file to the file list, try executing an application that has yet to be executed since you installed CIS. It will reset the counter.

A few users experienced this in the beta, it’s a GUI bug. I’ve had a few myself but selecting all and performing a Lookup will sort the trusted files out and move them for you. They’re working on this as far as I know. Probably some update next week.



I launched something new and now the counter has reset back to Zero for now.

Since I launched a new file NOT previously Trusted or run before then why is not showing 1 new Unrecognised file.


Is it considered unrecognized in the file list but the count is still zero? If yes then it is just a sync issue that will be fixed in the July hot-fix release.


CIS shows System files as unrecognized, why?
see attached image.


Merged topics and fix is available in newest beta release.


I would like to ask you. I use CF and I noticed that CF does not recognize know files. Please have a look at the attachment.

What is it? CF 10 worked and recognized the same files.

Sorry for my English I hope you understand.

Thank you for your answer.

Merged topic fix is available in latest beta version.

But I do not use beta. I use stable version. Why there is the same problem?

It is only a visual bug. The files are recognized but just not shown as such

The Beta version is being tested. Once it is released as a stable version, then the bug will be fixed

I understand, but I do not use beta and I have the same problem.

That’s why the Beta is being tested - to fix minor bugs like that in the previous version