Unrecognised files.

could anybody help me here please.I have 26 unrecognised files and comodo will not upload as they are too large.
They are microsoft files so any advice on what to do here please.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi Mrarnold.
Have you disabled the TVL in the file rating settings?
If yes, enable the TVL and re-run a rating scan.

Hello captaonsticks.
Ive deleted the trusted file vendor n altogether.What puzzles me is that they are microsoft files that were classed as unrecognised. :o
Anyway i moved the files to a trusted status as i dont know how long it takes comodo to analyze them .
Thank You. :slight_smile:

Hi Mrardold,
They have most likely been added through MS updates after removing the TVL.
Without an active TVL it will not matter who creates the new files, they will not be given trusted status until such time they are individually analysed.