Unrecognised Files Problem

Hello All

I am running Defense+ in Clean PC Mode.
In the summary tab, it shows there are 17 unrecognised file(s), but when i click on that 17, i don’t see any file(s) there.
Why is it showing 17, when there isn’t any? ???

P.S.:-Screenshots attached

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How long have you been experiencing this behavior? If it’s a short period of time, I wouldn’t worry about it. If it’s been days, then there is something odd happening.

I’ve noticed that sometimes there is a bit of a lag between the unrecognized list getting automatically adjusted, (Applications have been whitelisted by Comodo) and when the number shown on the GUI is updated. I’ve never timed how long it takes the GUI to catch up. It might even stay at the previous number until the next restart.

It has been 1 day now and still it is showing 17 unrecognised files.
My PC was switched off for about 6 hours after this problem started and it did not set right even after next restart.

Did you clear the log by chance?

Where is log?

It has been 1 week now and the problem still persists!

When new unrecognised files are added (like when i update my AV or other software update files), the unrecognised files increases. I remove them, but still Defense+ shows 17 unrecognised files all the time. It never goes back to zero now.
When i click on that 17, I don’t see any files there.

I have tried checking with diagnostics tool under the “More” tab in COMODO Firewall and it did not report any problem.

Start the mentioned applications and let CIS do an online look up from under View Active Processes List. May be the files were deemed safe after all.