unrecognised files keep returning


CIS v8.2.0.4508 Def: 23523…keeps listing 30 - 40 unrecognised files.

I right click the ‘unrecognised’, select ‘change file rating to’, set some to ‘Trusted’ and the rest to ‘Malicious’.

This clears the list but a day or two later those same files are back in the list.

Some of these files are left over from installing software (I want to set these as malicious) and some are my own .exe programs in VB or Excel VBA (I want these to have full access to the PC).

What do I need to do please?


Hi Peter51,

Thank you for the feedback and we would be happy to help you on this case . QA team will contact with you for the details of rating and exact steps. Please check your pm.

Kind Regards