unplugged router for the night

I know this isnt about comodo, but i figure since i have comodo installed, maybe someone could help me with this area.
Last night idecided to unplug my router, but left my modem(which controls the phone and internet) plugged in. I replugged my router in today, around 12 hours later, and my ip address changed. is that normal? I thought this only happens when you unplug the modem :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes this is normal, or well at least I think so, basically your lease for that IP address went out since you unplugged the router (the modem isn’t assigned an IP address I think) and hence didn’t have anything that claimed that IP address/extended the lease (or at least from that MAC-address) however I don’t know about the phone, perhaps it acts over a different IP if it works over the Internet? Iunno I don’t really deal with IP phones.

Edit: I think the General Discussion board would be more suitable for this topic, just for future reference.

Apparently your provider provides dynamic IP addresses. One can expect them to change by definition.

I am not convinced it was switching off the router may have caused the change. Maintenance on the provider’s network may cause a change of IP address.