Unplug cable message won't disappear after unplugging


A few days ago I installed the latest version of Comodo battery saver on my Samsung Galaxy S3 mini i8190n, Android version 4.1.2 and noticed that when I finish charging and unplug the cable as the notification stated, it won’t disappear automatically and I would then need to clear this notification by myself.

Just an idea for improvement :slight_smile:



Thank you for the feedback.

This is the native implementation of notifications. They stay on your notification panel until user erase it from there.


Yeah I know but… as the default android’s notification disappears as soon as you unplug the cable so should the app. That is if possible.

Oh and one more thing, is it possible to disable the built in “Unplug cable” notification of the OS and show your’s instead?

Without seeing your phone settings menu, I would say that what you are asking for, with respect to completely removing a system notification, would be a Mod. Is your phone rooted? Check with your phone’s boards on XDA Forums. There you will find your answer.

Nope, isn’t rooted.
I just thought it’s possible to configure this notification as “On going”…