Unofficial Installer


I’ve created a installer, i got the original design from Valentin, and then I changed it drastically; a little coding here and there, I’m almost done;

I’m also improving the GUI; so bare with me :slight_smile:

So far; it includes all but CCE/Killswitch and doesn’t tell you whether you already have the product installed…
and I’m also working on a enhanced version of PSC from the forums, and also a CIS configuration report analysis for easy troubleshooting…

Just a small 4MB Installer…

Hope you all enjoy it!

Link 1
Link 2

Serial: 8325-2463-9123-878439-9764-6-10-7486-1


A close button would be nice Jake. :wink:

Ah why? maybe thats the intended purpose never to close; never to be forgotten muahahaha >:-D >:-D
:slight_smile: I’ll work on it more tomoorow (its 2 AM here)


What’s the use of it?

Should be named something more explicit than “setup” (name, version, 32/64 bits OS compatibility…)

And why does it have to be a serial if public published?

Whats the use?
Just something that i like doing so i have made it for me really but i just sharing it ;

Never really thought of a name… but it is 32/64 Bit OS Compat.

why does it have to be a serial if public?
because it’s more of a encryption issue then anything…

Do you have to update it for each new release of each individual software? That might start using a lot of your time.

Can I see a picture? How do I know that Rick Astley isn’t going to pop out of the file?
Can I choose what to install?
I haven’t got enough RAM otherwise I’d try it on a VM with ReactOS.

If you have at least 512MB you should be fine; (I’m soon going to add checks for system specifications and if you dont meet them it will exit thus will not waste your resources :smiley:

HAHA thats a good idea… Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down :slight_smile:


I have enough to run it on my laptop, but not enough to assign to a virtual machine to test it.
Can I choose what to install with this? Because I don’t want to install everything under the sun to do with Comodo, Comodo Time Machine uninstalls itself as soon as I reboot and I am using avast already, so I don’t want to install the antivirus.

It’ doesn’t install everything you have a choice what you want to install (It’s actually just a thrown together select download/install thats about it )

Yes; you can uninstall if you wish.
It doesn’t affect anything, most of all things it does is shows you a screen that you choose what to download… and you click download thats it… I

It will get more advance later on the week/month