Unoffical desktop backrounds for Comodo

i hope you all like it i made these so i could have a good looking desktop backround
Also it should help save power on Laptops since its mostly black ;D

P.S. looks better on LCD screen :comodorocks: :comodo110: :ilovecomodo:
P.P.S sorry if this is the wrong post to put stuff in ( i know about Official Comodo banners and logos post but thats for official stuff only!

The ones in the Zip folder are BMP the other ones are PNG. BMP should be used if memory is not a problem looks better!
New one attached with old COMODO LOGO

Currently working on one with new COMODO logo may take some time

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Yay, fanboy material! ;D

Downloading the BMP version now. :-TU :comodorocks: :comodo110:
EDIT:: both files in the zip seems to be of the BMP format… =)

Maybe you should use the new logotype. (Where is the eps version?)

i will try but to use the picture But it would be better to have the Font.

Or an eps file (vector graphics). Here is the “old” logotype in eps format. :wink:

Is there any free application to open it with? (i used powerpoint to make the pictures above) lol yes powerpoint

You could use and then install this plugin (


Or Inkscape. :wink:

(Or I can export it to another format.)

Nice wallpaper :smiley:

Please make it a diffrent format that would be able to be copyied into PowerPoint 2007. Thanks


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that would be ok! thanks


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Thanks I like dark wallpaper.

Since laptops have LCD monitors, you won’t be saving any power worth speaking about. The power difference required when displaying a white pixel versus a black pixel is next to nothing…

If you are talking CRT monitors, that’s another story.

A black Wallpaper is good for finding “Dead Pixel” too. ;D

Desktop backrounds by futurefr here

Or the hidden CIS pixel. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL put it over the red bars :wink:

Why not make the images .jpg? Smaller file size and can still be used as wallpaper.