Unnecessary entries in Trusted list?

Hi there,

I have noticed that, if you installed a program BEFORE you installed CIS, then in the D+ trusted list there would only be an .exe and a small number of that program’s dlls (typically after you started that program after the installation of CIS). However, if you install a program AFTER the installation of CIS, than in the trusted list there are almost all of the program’s dlls and stuff, making it really bloated (and takes a lot of time to load the list).

Is it necessary for all those dlls in the list? Can I just remove them? The purge button wont work as the dlls are still on the PC.

Also, I have a long list of trusted files in the directory C:\Windows\Installer$PatchCache$\Managed.…[random numbers]. While I have no idea what these files are, I assume they are the back-up installers of programs just in case you need to repair them? Could I remove those entries?


As long as you are just removing them and not deleting them, there is no problem. It will just be re-added if the application accesses that .dll again.