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Hello, I am a Zone Alarm Free user who runs PC’s on Windows XP Professional. I recently discovered a number of shortcomings that I was hoping Comodo v3 would overcome.

First of all to the best of my knowledge, Zone Alarm Free does not allow one to open up specific ports manually (e.g. for Remote Desktop applications). You need the paid for Pro version to get this. I have done this in Windows Firewall but it apparently is not very good and has no outbound protection. It would be great if you could set up the port to be open then selectively open it and close it without having to retype in all the data. Does Comodo allow one to specify ports that are to be open, then open or close them?

Secondly, Zone Alarm Free does not allow one to run a network with the Free Version. Does Comodo allow one to run a network on their PC’s?

Lastly, although I have quickly skimmed over this site, I would be interested in hearing from people who have used Comodo to understand their likes and dislikes of the product.



You can define sets of ports in CFP3 and then block or allow all inputs to those ports from the Network Security Policies page with a single rule.
CFP3 provides automatic detection of networks and allows you to define them as trusted networks if desired.
Probably a bit more skimming, here and under the Comments section, with a look at the Bugs section is the best way to get a flavor for the product.