unlimited time vor viruswarning!

i see not a single reason for reducing the time of how long a viruswarning is showed by comodo. what benefit does it have, when you are 2 minutes or maybe 20 minutes away, and a virus was found while that. but comodo took the warning window away?
this is a main reason for me, not to trust enough in the effectivity of this antivirus product.

and the suggestion of comodo to run regular scans (with 2.5 hours heavy useage of the pc), speaks a bit in a direction of doubts in the abillities of its guard detection.

when comodo antivirus should become a real full antivirus, then it can`t hide itself behind defense+ .

unlimited time for warnings is a big step in the right direction. a virus finding is a time sensitive event. a warning is the BASIC what an user expects from an antivirus program, even if he is for some minutes not in front of his pc.


And make the warnings always on top.