Unlimited Rights Popup

Unlimited Rights Popup - What happens when I click Sandbox??

The app is able to install successfully.

The app is installed for that one time only or it gets installed under sandbox & later I can unsandbox it.

If the app is install for that one time only, does this means closing the app will clear all the related things with the app.

OR the app is installed permanently but sandboxed & can be unsandboxed by going into always sandbox tab & then the app will function normally.

I couldn’t get the clear info from help files so asking here. Plzz give the info in detail explaining the above points.


If you sandbox it then it will try to run with the limited rights that are given to it. If it is an installer then it will probably fail.

You have to remember that the automatic sandbox for Comodo does not virtualize the files, it just invokes limits on what they can do.

I am not talking about auto sandbox. I am talking about the sandbox button in the Unlimited Rights Popup.

I believe that will have the same effect as if it had been auto sandboxed. Will someone please correct me if I’m wrong?

As far as I know the sandbox button in the elevated privileges alert is the automatic sandboxing process.

I guess a small minority of programs that get installed using the sandbox might work. It is not what the sandbox is for.

Comodo sandbox does not facilitate installing in the sandbox like SanboxIE, I think, is capable of.