Unkown application running in Comodo Secure Shopping


I’m new to the forum, not sure if it the right place to ask.
Every time I open Comodo Secure Shopping I notice an unknown application already open on the bottom panel and I don’t know if it normal or not.
Obviously I can not a make a screenshot, but imagine two tabs open at the bottom panel with a standard application icon. When I click it, nothing is happening. I don’t remember if it was there before but I don’t think so.

Maybe it is nothing but prior to this, my computer started to behave weird, a legit Windows process started to use my CPU and disk at 100%, later it turned out to be only because of Windows update. But I did run a virus scan with Comodo and also with second opinion scanners and nothing found. Then I decided to start a full scan with Clean Endpoint and it did find 1000+ rootkits and the threat level was red for every single one of them. At the end I did select to remove them but it made Comodo to crash. After I decided to run the scan from the Comodo Rescue Disk and the same happened. 1000+ rootkits detected and when I select to remove, the scanner just quit not sure if it was crash but I received no confirmation regarding anything have been removed. Because this scan takes literally a whole day to perform, I decided not to repeat it. I did run a bunch of second opinion scanners but everything comes back green, no other AV and AM find the rootkits Comodo did find.

Anyway, because of this unusual experience I’m a bit cautious now and wondering if a malware that is running on my PC if any may be managed to sneak in to the container and watching my processes inside the Secure Shopping container. Is that even possible? I mean the whole purpose of Secure Shopping is to lock all processes out of the session but still, an unknown application is running right there when I open it.
Is there any way I can be certain?

I would appreciate any help.
Thank you.

Are you sure you are opening secure shopping and not virtual desktop? Someone else had that issue with another application being listed in the taskbar when opening virtual desktop.

As for the hidden rootkit detection, those are the from a previous Windows install which Windows calls Windows.old folder that you can delete if everything is running correctly after performing a Windows upgrade.


Thanks for the tip about the rootkits.

I’m sure it is the Secure Shopping and not the Virtual Desktop. I’m using the Secure Shopping icon to launch it. I can’t make a screenshot but it shows me a grey background with a credit card and a shield in a circle and I have a toolbox that I can drag around and it saying “Comodo Secure Shopping” in the title of the box. Also I have access only to my web browsers and the file browser, there is no start menu or right click action and I can not launch any application inside the environment. If I launch anything using the file browser it open up outside the Secure Shopping environment on the real desktop except this mysterious application.

Exact OS version and CIS version?

Windows 10 Professional 64bit version 1803 OS build 17134.48
Comodo Internet Security Premium 10 version

You should still be able to do a Print Screen and attach it as below

Oh, I thought I can not make any screenshots at all. Seems like I can’t make any screenshots only about browser sessions inside CSS…
Anyway, here is the screenshot not sure if helps anything though:


Yes you can still make a shot of the basic CSS screen itself

Is that the ‘application’ you mention at the bottom of the screen? If it is, it’s also on mine and I have no clue what is shows. I rarely if ever have used CSS, so will have to wait for a CSS expert to explain it. It doesn’t appear in the Help details either, but I very much doubt it’s other than normal

Looks to be caused by the input method editor? If you disable IME does it go away? I’m assuming you are using the beta when this happens?

Yes disabling the IME seem to solved the problem :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help.

Same here . . . goes when IME disabled and reappears when it’s enabled again. Yes, I’m on the Beta

Thanks futuretech