Unknown tray icon: shield with stop symbol (red crossed circle)

Today I noticed my firewall tray icon has a red crossed circle (the universal stop symbol) on top of the Comodo shield. When I open the application, it shows System Status green check (“all systems are active and running”).

What does this mean?

Try running Diagnostics (under Miscellaneou) and see what it reports and if it can fix it.

I ran Diagnostics. Says “The diagnostics utility did not find any problems with your installation.”

What does the icon mean?

The icon means CIS is in an error state. Are you running as Limited User or Admin? What OS are you using?

I am running as Admin. Win XP SP3.

Icon is gone today though…Strange. I rebooted yesterday to see if it would go away, but it did not at that time.

Thanks for your help.