Unknown process called _Total.exe

Hi,according to one of task managers I use ( in program RAM saver pro) there’s a strange process called _Total.exe,no info about it,just ID 4294967294. No other task manager knows about that one,either windows taskmgr,either COMODO process list… Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks for any possible reason given to this
Mr. Rook

Analyze the process with KillSwitch.

As far as I remember, this is another windows pseudo process and it’s associated with system idle processes. In fact they share the same PID, which in every other process manager apart from wintools, is 0 (zero)

It can also be found in windows perfmon (Performance Monitor) program where it can be selected as a counter. Here it’s basically used to collect all process information, or if you will, total process information.

hallo ik ben hier pas nieuw. ik heb een vraagje is windows operating system een veilige aplicatie?thx

This might help Windows Operating System

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