Unknown Process and unable to Terminate/Block


I was testing CIS4 against mal.links.

After finishing I managed to Terminate and Block two processes, but this one I could not.

Could you possibly tell me why?
It it because it’s in the Sandbox or another reason?

Thank you.

Oh yeah, this wasn’t visible in Task Manager.

Extra Info:

  • Running in Virtualbox
  • Windows XP SP3
  • CIS downloaded from FileHippo on 18th March 2010

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i got the same in windows 7 64b. withhout virtualize programs.
but with 1772 unknow process files , a reboot fixed it.

i’ve alrdy posted my crashreport to comodo , maybe it will be fixed / with the detection av gui bug in the next release.


img link : http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/1228/comodobug.jpg

Oh, so it’s a bug with CIS4.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

I won’t be able to post my Crash Report for that because, I restore the VM to a clean state after testing/recording.

At pranaygtr. Could you provide Comodo to the file/url that caused this? Don’t post a url here as it as against Forum Policy which is meant to protect the other users.

This seems to be a legitimate part of Sun Micro virtual box, so maybe it has protection from termination as a system file.


another one… i know how to reproduce it have posted at bug report.

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remake this operation …
and give another process wtf?
2012 i the end now bye my computer :frowning:

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