Unknown Private Network

I have installed Comodo Firewall (not Anti virus) v4.1.150349.920

On installation Comodo found my home network
I named this network but made my PC not accessible to other PC’s on the network. Also no tick in box for “Do not automatically detect new networks”

Now whenever PC is booted up Comodo finds a new network
Comodo states that this is a private network.

As I do not recognise this network I simply close the box. However, it is an annoyance.

Can someone explain what is happening??

Many thanks. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Are you running your OS in a virtual machine? This can happen when a DHCP address is not allocated in time.

192.168.x.x is your home network
169.254.x.x is an IP range that Windows assigns when it can’t obtain a DHCP address.

You could check your firewall events to see if there are some reasons for DHCP not going through immediately.

Hope this makes sense


Getting an IP address in the 169 range often means the connection is not working. Likely causes could be a faulty wire, faulty NIC, problem with NIC driver (that also includes returning from Sleep or hibernate mode).