Unknown Files

after Windows Updates, i see 200-300 Files as unknown files. When i look at the location, all the files are in the "c:\windows\assembly" folder. And yes, it was an Framework Update, but why CIS cant detect them as trusted files??

This is because those components are specifically built on your system shortly following the .NET update. The resultant components will be fairly unique to your system based on the configuration, set-up and installed .NET applications/versions… and combinations thereof.

I see, I was wondering what those files were and why they were not trusted, since they are built on the machine I assume they are not signed?

I don’t believe the .NET assemblies are signed in the conventional sense, they have special public keys… although I don’t think they’re used in the manner you’re thinking of. However, it’s not something that I’ve looked closely at myself either (I’ve merely used it :))… so, I’ll have let some else answer this.

But, what ends up in the .NET assembly folder is standard Windows/MS assemblies (partially compiled libraries) for the OS and any additional MS software that you might have installed. Plus the custom libraries of any other software that you also have installed that uses .NET currently… including some, unfortunately, that you probably no longer have (it happens). All of which can be rebuilt… I mean, optimised… every time .NET is updated.

Unknown Files, you mean they were in Unrecognized Files?

Windows Update, you mean .net upgrade from 4 to 4.5?

Windows updated .net 4 to 4.5 & no probs here. No files in Unrecognized Lists.

CIS 6 Latest with Default Settings.

Win 7 64.