unknown files

Are all unknown files that are found during a rating scan automatically submitted for analysis ?
If not is there an easy way to do this or do they all need submitting individually ?

  1. Yes

  2. The users can submit suspicious files here.

ok so why do these files remain unknown

EDIT - ok all unknown files are been uploaded when finished I will run a rating scan again and suspect I wont see any unknown entries
in beta 1 my unknown files where never auto submitted… bug perhaps ?

Because (unless that’s changed recently) comodo staff “hand pick” files to add to the whitelist, so the process is pretty slow.

The only way to speed it up is to post in this thread

Are you really sure CIS submits automatically unknown files during Rating Scan ?

after I initially did a rating scan I saw submit files activity in the widget
looking at the log viewer it appears 131 files have been submitted
I have manually submitted a couple but 120+ where auto-submitted as far as I can tell