Unknown files list gets filled in safe mode

The manual explains that the unknown files list is for clean pc mode.
Like it was in the past.

Since version 8 you allow applications in safe mode as normal. BUT also they are put in the unknown files list to be moved to trusted files manually as well.

That does not make sense

Can anyone explain why any other mode than clean pc mode needs an unknown files list suddenly?

Every file is unknown, and i choose if its allowed to run or not.
There is no need for this list suddenly.

Also why should so many files be in trusted files list now?

are you talking about the unrecognized files under the file rating? This list is populated when a file is unknown to CIS. Defense + uses this list to determine if it should alert the user or sandbox the file when it is run (depending on your settings)

Yes, that list.
And i use comodo since version 3. In paranoid or safe mode, proactive.

NO sandbox

This list is totally of no use.

I get an alert, allow a file as allowed application, or allow partial things.
But in version 8 this file gets additionally added to that list, and i have to move it to TRUSTED files as well. Or having a useless list filled with items i managed allready.

No idea why its made suddenly like that. All my games have to be fully trusted now, or kept on that list.

There is no purpose for this list being filled.

I am at version 7 again.
And guess what, cis is fine without using that list. Like all the time.

So someone messed this up meanwhile.

In short:

In paranoid and safe mode there is no need for filling this list.
And never was.

Why should we answer a question for the RULE SET, and afterwards move the file from the unrecognized list to trusted? The ruleset rule would be trash.
Its like a logic loop implemented in version 8

why dont you think it should be filled in safe mode? i could understand in paranoid mode but not in safe mode.

Because safe mode is paranoid mode but with a “white list”.

You only need to answer the defense+ question, make your choice, manage the rules list.

There is no need to have an unrecognized files list.

Up to version 8 this list was allways empty in safe and paranoid mode. And even in version 8 there is still absolutely no use for this list.