Unknown File Hunter

I’ve used this awesome program a few times so far with a license key to help sumbit unknown files for analysis. However, I find the interface to be… a little clunky. What I dislike is that I don’t know when it’s safe to close the UFH GUI. It appears in the results window that there are multiple files in que to be uploaded and analyzed by Valkyrie, but it seems to take forever for the results to complete? It may take days? Is there no progress bar or percentage indicator that shows overall progress? Do I need to leave the tool opened? And for how long? I keep clicking the results link every so often to check and I see Valkyrie examing files on the website, but… it feels too… what’s the word I’m looking for… “STATIC”. I can’t tell if anything changes while leaving the results window opeened after clicking yes to submit files to Valkyrie. Again a general status bar or percentage metre would be of great value here. There needs to be a little bit more polish on the UFH client side to show overall progress in a clear mannor. I don’t wish to cancel a lengthy scan and have my results terminated because UFH client was closed and could no longer upload Unknown files.