Unknown Application Sandbox alerts? (CIS 6 BETA)

In CIS 5 I was used to running unknown applications and then comodo would alert me saying the app was unrecognized and was sandboxed and then I was given the option to add it to the trusted files (aka dont isolate again)

Is this no longer needed in CIS 6? I notice a program I use “ShareX” is running as Limited and CIS never prompted me to never isolate it again or add it to the trusted list… therefore the application is not working properly.

I know I can still manually do it but I liked the little notification to add the unknown file to trusted list.

I am running 100% default Internet Security configuration WITH Partially Limited raised to Limited. That’s it.

It is still supposed to alert you.

However, I believe that you will only be alerted to the first application to be run isolated. Any applications it starts after that will not cause an alert.

That said, if you are saying that you received no warning at all this sounds like a bug. If this is the case please report it in the bug report topic. Make sure to carefully follow the correct format. If you do not follow the format your report will be moved out of that topic.

Hmm… Well that’s annoying then :\

Luckily most things appear to work just fine even when sandboxed, and everything else in CIS 6 appears to be very shiny and nice :slight_smile:

If you believe that it’s a bug please make a bug report so the devs can fix it.


It should notify you of every new unrecognized file being isolated, just like cis 5. If it doesn’t see if Advanced settings - general setting - user interface - show notification messages is checked.