Unknow New wired network detected: from Firewall

Hello anyone
I have same problem (https://forums.comodo.com/firewall-help-cis/new-wired-network-detected-169254xxxxxx-t109729.0.html)
after new upgrade of comodo suite, I didn’t change anything from my pc/network and this window is show from a cold boot (no resume - ibernate status), I use DHCP, all cabled device such PC has their IP assigned.
Thank you in advance for your replies[/img]

Sometimes when windows can’t get an IP address from DHCP it assigns itself an APIPA address and CFW detected this as a new ‘network’ simply unplugging the ethernet cable and plugging it in again or running ipconifg /release then ipconfig /renew from a command prompt will allow to get an actual IP address from DHCP.