unknow inbound connection

Hi i have a problem with my local network. I using internet via adsl cable and using bridge mode connection. But last day when i turned on modem, in comodo free firewall i saw a message alert, that saied you have a icoming connection from udp port 60*** attention i didn’t connected to internet! But i saw i have 5 icoming connection frpm svchost.exe !! What is that? Am i hacked or this inbound connection are safe? In comodo free firewall i turned on block all incoming connection! Pls help me … Thx

Pls help why svchost.exe should has incoming connection?

If you had use stealth port task and selected block incoming connections you shouldn’t be getting firewall alerts for incoming connections, are you sure its not for an outbound request? Can you attach your firewall log? Open the View logs task and from the drop-down menu select firewall events, inside right-click and choose export to file name it fwlogs.txt and attach it here. Also does the IP address belong to any devices that you own that is connected to your local network? If yes you can safely allow the request.

hi bro

“view logs in firewall event is empty!” so for behavior firewall i ■■■■ screen shots!

last day when i connect my dsl modem to my desktop via lan port with out internet connection or with out access internet i saw i have inbound connection!

see this pls.

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is it normal? im sure my computer dosent have virus i cheaked it with kaspersky rescue disk and bitdefender rescue disk also i scanned it with avast and nod32 + avira but they didn’t find any virus pls help me!

can virus go in my hardware?

Follow the directions here to block your ports from receiving incoming connections Hide PC Ports using Stealth Ports Wizard | Internet Security Help

Tnx bro i wil try it.

But why i should have incoming connection from localhost ? Is it safe tnx.


Assuming is the IP address of your router it is nothing to worry about. When you get alerted for incoming traffic it means it gets blocked unless you would allow it. You are safe; incoming traffic does not mean you’re infected.