Universally blocking in Safe Mode

I’ve switched from Paranoid Mode, which I have used for years, to Safe Mode; however, I’m not feeling terribly comfortable with it. For example, programs like Firefox, VLC, and ipconfig all have allow settings for device drivers installer, physical memory, all protected coms, regs, keyboard, etc. Very few programs actually need this much access, but Safe Mode allows nearly all access for anything in the computer security policy. I’m not sure which permissions are given to those in the Trusted Files section.

I have been looking for days but can’t figure out a way to use Safe Mode, but universally block aspects that 90% of programs don’t need to access (computer monitor, device driver installation, etc.). “All Applications” in the computer security policy doesn’t seem to affect much, though it has been useful for locking down some registry keys.

So do I basically have to stick with Paranoid Mode or is there a way to tweak Safe Mode a bit to not let safe applications run wild with permissions?

Thanks for your help!

For more control in Safe Mode remove the “All Applications” rule and enable Create rules for safe applications that will give you more control.

You may notice that in Safe Mode safe applications are allowed to start up other safe applications without notifying the user. In that way it differs from v3.x behaviour.