universal spam filter

I spam filter that doesn’t just deal with POP3 accounts, but with IMAP, Hot/Live?Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc.

A spam filter that knows about the mail clients contacts lis/name & address book but maintains its of filtering rules - I don’t want the spam/junk filters in the mail client - that should happen at the front gate not inside the house, in my mail client I want to deal with filing rules etc.

Also I am accept the fact that I will have to handle some of the spam, maybe some mega filter in the sky can filter out the bleeding obvious, but in my experience the auto filters get it wrong as often as they get it right - ie undelivered mail is always regarded as spam, I sometimes send private messages to NG participants & I forget to demunge their mail address (eg TheOtherJohn-Smith@someplace.com.neverland).

But most of all I would like to see the performance of the Comodo Firewall improved.

Well, This is the General Category, So I am interested to know what you want CFP improved in?