Unistall Problems

I have an uninstal problem, I need to remove to do a fresh install

It will not remove or re-install:

Network error occurred while attempting to read from MSI file

Please help I am in limbo

Many thanks Indeed Martin


I used the batch clean up tool , & managed to re-install

but geekbuddy will not open ref font issues ??any thoughts


Defence & firewall are in stateful mode…

has it sandboxed its own exe files??

Error receiving font size now resolved,

Thanks for an awesome product

cheers Martin

Are you still having any problems?

In general.

For problems with Windows installer you can use Windows Installer Clean Up utility. This tool cleans up all installer related traces from your computer. It will allow you to run an (un)installer where it was getting blocked because it couldn’t find a needed file or says the products is already installed.

This tool does not uninstall a program.