Unistall of Boclean is Not Clean

I had Boclean 4.27 on my computer about a week and decided to remove it the other day. It is still daily putting a bo_dump.txt in My c:\temp directory that contains the line:
WaitForSingleObject return value 258
What does it mean?
I did a regedit and found several references to boclean still. Deleted what i could, you gotta hate that LEGACY stuff.

You need to stop it and then uninstall…

Thanks for the prompt reply. I admit I started the uninstall while the program was still in the tray. do I need to re-install to get a clen uninstall or did my registry editing clean it up enough?

Hiya! Just so’s you know … BOClean’s install and uninstall does not use the “C:\TEMP” folder at all, it’ll be the one under “Documents and settings(You)\Local settings” instead … and there’s no file generated by BOClean, it’s installer or uninstaller named “bo_dump.txt” so that was somehow created by something else. As to registry settings, there might be an empty “BOClean” upper key there (and probably a couple of images) in order to not disturb other COMODO products which may or may not be on the machine … but the data should indeed be gone after an uninstall … and a reinstall/uninstall should ensure a full cleanup even if there was a problem the first time. I’d be quite curious as to anything else you spotted, as we’re always looking to ensure as close to perfection as possible.

Well something is still generating that file and it always contains one line:
WaitForSingleObject return value 258

When I search google for that with quotes I get zip.

Obviously something’s timing out and generating an error report there. In BOClean, any problems noted get written out to its configuration file so that we can request a copy of that and see for ourselves if necessary. But whatever that is, definitely isn’t BOClean generating it despite the “bo” in the name there …