Unistall Comodo Firewall Pro

I am having problems to unistall Comodo Firewaal Pro.
After installing it I believed I had not chosen right options regarding allowing/blocking questions when it started for the first time so I wanted to install it again.
I removed it for installation application, deleted all files I could relate to Comodo, deleted cmdagent.exe from task manager, but the firewall is still running.
When I try to re install it I am informed the program is already there and am asked if I want to cancel it ; nothing happens when I answer yes.
I am not probably a great expert but how can I solve the problem?

Please help


Are you talking about version 2.4 or version 3 of CFP?


Hi Ragwing,

2.4 I suppose, can you help?

Thank you

You deleted cmdagent.exe too, but it’s still running?
If you go to \WINDOWS\system32\drivers, do you find any files named cmdGuard.sys(might only exist in CFP3) or cmdhlp.sys? If yes, boot in safe mode and delete them. Then try installing CFP 2.4 again(either in safe mode or during normal boot).


maybe you did not realy uninstall it ,try again uninstall it with uninstall itselt own in OS star menu