I tried to uninstall Comodo Internet Security 15 and the uninstaller ran yet Cis 15 is still installed and it’s not listed in remove programs anymore yet still runs. Also checked the comodo folder in program files for the uninstaller and it’s not there. How do I go about removing it?

Thank You

There is no CIS 15 unless you mean CIS 10? Can you provide a screen shot of what see when it runs?

Is it listed in control panel programs & features? If yes uninstall from there if not run this Microsoft utility and check programs and features again to remove CIS. Then right-click and run as administrator this removal tool after extracting from zip folder and reboot after it finishes.

ran both of those and its still not removed

Try downloading the CIS setup to reinstall Comodo and see if it appears in the Control Panel.

Nope not working either.

Bump. Any solutions from the reps?

Turn off silent mode and try running the removal tools again and uninstaller along with the Microsoft utility. Also disable as much as possible avast and any other security related software.