uninstalling thru add /remove nightmare!

Yesterday, I ran the uninstall thru add remove programs. I rebooted and wolla! I had no internet . was on the phone with linksys and comcast. nothing wrong with my router or modem, what they both said happened was when I delete the program it also took other files I needed… BUT. before I called them I did a system restore for the daybefore… still no internet, and I had a weird IP which I knew wasnt going to work… and I again had antivirus on my puter… I got my puter up and running the comcast man has to come and do something to my modem and I figured out all my new settings… what I really want to know… is I want the antivirus off my computer but dont want the hassle of no internet or messing with my files… is it safe to go back in and delete thru add remove >? thanks

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I’m not sure exactly what your problem is, but I’ve always got disconnected from the internet after uninstalling CAVS. This has been solved with Microsoft’s tool for network diagnostics, e.g. you’ll find it if you launch Internet Explorer. See the attached screen shot.

Hope this can help.


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Well Im not sure why it messed with some of my files, by deleting the software, but I really dont want it to happen again… is it safe to just delete the program the regular way. I dont want to go thru being disconnected I have 4 computers on my network and only one has this program. I wanted to try it but everytime I went to scan, it stopped and said I was missing files. Thanks for your reply, I just need to know is it safe to delete the program and mess up my system?, Thanks

Difficult to tell, CAVS really shouldn’t delete anything else than itself. What kind of files did it “mess up”? What do you mean by mess up? Where were the files located?