Uninstalling some registry entry problem


I have windows 7 - 64 bits and I had the latest version of CIS 5.X (5.12 I think!). When I uninstall it, reboot and even after using the uninstalling tool, I still have some comodo registry entry in my registry. Regseeker can find them (see my screenshot) but can’t remove them and I can not remove them manually…

How can I remove ALL the registry key left by Comodo on my system?


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Mircrosoft does not consider Legacy registry entries harmful, so you cannot remove them.

You need to run with higher rights to do this, but you can break your OS easily doing this.

Only experience users should do this.


Shouldn’t Comodo uninstaller remove all the registry key created by Comodo installer?

Hi atomas31,
Nearly all installed software leave some remains behind after uninstall, in most cases these keys/remains will not cause any unwanted side effects.
I agree it would be nice to see no remains from uninstalled software , but no two systems are configured the same along with Windows permission issues and I guess this makes it difficult for programmers.

Hi Captainsticks,

Does that mean that there is no way to remove remains from Comodo???


Hi atomas31,
As Dennis mentioned in reply 1 this could possibly be done with permission editing but the trouble and risks outweigh any benefits IMO.

You can remove them but from within Regedit is tricky because of ownershipship settings.

You need to start Device Manager elevated and when in Device Manager go to View and enable Show Hidden Devices.

How to start Device Manager elevated? Open the command prompt and execute the following two commands:

set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
start devmgmt.msc

The Comodo Legacy drivers can be found under Non Plug and Play drivers. When they are ghosted it means there is no driver loaded and are innocuous but it won’t hurt to remove them. Remove only the Comodo Internet Security related drivers.

Thank you very much EricJH! That works!

Does that procedure is in the sticker? If not, you should put it in the sticker post of this section :wink:

Also, do you know if the uninstaller of CIS 6.0 will remove those registry key?


CIS v6 uninstaller will leave behind the legacy keys as well from what I have seen.

During testing I have seen the uninstaller leave behind empty CIS Legacy keys (driver file was deleted and not running) but also a Legacy driver running. The latter could be a potential stability problem assuming that would interfere with the installer of a later version and result in an older driver running. Or having a spare CIS driver running while it is uninstalled might interfere with another security program.