Uninstalling - OE will not connect unless Comodo disabled

I thought that an uninstall/reinstall might solve the internet connection problem: Only Outlook Express failed to connect. Browser and other functions not affected. In processes list, A/V (avast) was blocked. Was that the cause of conn failure?

Most likely. If you’re using the webshield features of Avast, it’s setting up a proxy to filter your net traffic. If Comodo has blocked the proxy connection, you’ll have no connectivity.

I’m just going to assume the mail scanner portion is doing much the same thing.

Your browser is functioning, so you’re good on the webshield side of things, but you’ll need to see what’s up with the mail scanner. Go to Firewall → Network Security Policy and add the scanner and give it the Trusted Application policy. Not being an Avast user, I don’t know which .exe this is, but you probably can’t go wrong by giving all the Avast .exe’s a trusted policy. (Unless does the log mention the .exe name?)

Very good info, keen insight. Copied to HDD (docs).

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I assume you have CIS and you need therefore to disable avast’s realtime protection (or Comodo AV’s realtime protection).

Tip: Check that you have only one of the AV’s reatime potection on and one firewall active.


Thanks, Valentinchen. It’s odd that I had no conflict for so long, and then without changing settings -■■■■! Oh well, that’s 'puter life.

Did giving the Trusted Application policy to the Avast modules like HeffeD suggested do the trick for you?