Uninstalling\Ending CMS task security flaw

Currently it is extremely easy to uninstall or erase data for CMS and effectively completely bypass the anti theft protection on the device. Other than rooting the phone, your only option is to manually set your comodo application manager protection for the settings\my files apps. However, in the newest version of CMS you are not able to add in the task manager (which can easily be used to turn off CMS). Additionally if you have access to a computer you can easily delete vital files for CMS.

These are all extreme security flaws in CMS and I can’t believe it hasn’t been addressed already. Please get onto this!

Hello Ice,

We are already working on protection techniques that would make the CMS one of the best protected application. However, we are limited with the platform capabilities. Anroid itself, and device manufacturers limits developers abilities to create extended measures.


Also, please note, as long as someone knows how to boot into Recovery, all phone apps/security goes out the window.
No computer required. Everything can be removed, factory reset back to original, and the internal memory storage wiped clean.
So don’t be complaining about what one can do with a computer connected to the phone, when complete removal of any security is always possible without a computer.
And if you prevent access to Recovery, you run the risk of permanent bricking of your phone. Did you want to buy a new MB when a simple Recovery/reset could solve your problem?

Understandable that you are limited by the os; But please give us back the ability to protect the task manager using the cms application manager.

if there is a myriad of ways cms can be broken/turned off/removed then why is the fact that cms is running so prominently advertised in the top bar and with notifications etc. I also mich preferred it when the password protection didn’t have a big comodo security logo. Can the developers consider a ‘stealth’ mode which makes it harder to notice that cms is running?

If you don’t want the icon and notifications displayed, do as I have done: turn them off.

Oh thanks didnt know they added that feature thats great. Perhaps they can consider the application lock to be more discrete too, in addition to the above task manager fix too