Uninstalling CTM

Hi I installed CTM on my PC (win7 Home Premium), it kept crashing my PC, I uninstalled CTM using Revo uninstaller, my PC kept still kept crashing, on rebooting I was amazed to find CTM still installed and indexing running, even though Revo was showing that it was not installed. I tried to reinstall CTM again but I keep getting a message “CTM is already installed, and I do not need to install it again. Click OK to enter maintenance mode”, when I clicked Ok, another dialog box appears with this message “ This action is only valid for products that are currently installed”. Any help and I would be very grateful.


I must say very sorry for CTM causes trouble to you. Please do not use third-party tool to uninstall CTM.
You can uninstall CTM by this way:
Restart your PC and hold down the HOME key as you see the CTM screen, there will be some options. You can choose “Uninstall” option to uninstall CTM normally.