uninstalling comodo

can any one please tell me why when i try to unjnstall comodo in my control panel it wont uninstall it keeps saying cant uninstall because program is still running when its not can any one help me please i have windows 7

Hi and welcome rose red,
I am not sure what you mean by it is not running, if CIS is installed correctly components should be running.
However having running components of CIS should not effect the uninstall because these are stopped as part of the uninstall process.
Please try the unofficial Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products sometimes best run in Windows safe mode, seeing the conventional uninstaller is failing.


I received a Comodo Internet Security install notice on my computer out of no where. I have been trying to delete it for days without success. Since the program is not actually loaded in my computer, it will when I go to uninstall it it does not work since it is not installed. When I click on it, the option does not come up to uninstall it but the change option does come up. When I hit change it the looks to load and install the program.

I cannot believe that a company would send these out when they are un solicited! Please Help!

Hi flabud7,
Have you ever had CIS on the system?
If you have never had CIS on the system, this notice may not be a legit notice and would need to be investigated further.
Can you post a screenshot of the install notice?