Uninstalling Comodo


I was using Comodo for a while, but decided to uninstall it as I was tired of getting random repeat warnings about allowing the same apps. However, since uninstalling it I have lost access to my lan, although I can access the internet without problems. Can anyone tell me what could be the problem please. Thanks.

Hmmm… I’ve not had this sort of problem when I’ve uninstalled it previously in the past. I know that Comodo leaves a Comodo Directory in your Program files but it shouldn’t be affecting your system. Try deleting that directory and do a reg clean. (Try CCleaner and click on “Issues”) that should find and remove any invalid registration keys and reboot. What are you using now for a firewall?

Thanks for the reply, I’ll give CCleaner a go. I am currently using PC Tools Firewall Plus version, which so far seems great.