Uninstalling comodo while installing AVG9

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First of all I hope that this post is in the right area of this Forum - if not please let me know.

My PC is Vista run, bought a year ago from Dell (any other details just ask me). I use my PC for home use myself.

I have Comodo (free) as my Firewall, AVG 8.5 (free) and all the extra addtional virus security that comes with MS.

What I want to know is that AVG have now upgraded their software from V8.5 to V9. I tried to upgrade AVG as per instruction… and it told me half way though the process that I needed to turn of my Firewall - Comodo in this case.

This was the point I stopped what i was doing as I was not clear in the best way of handling Comodo. ??? ???

I think it is the thought of turning of my Firewall protection whilst downloading AVG that makes me feel that my PC is made vulerable to all sorts of ‘nasties’

Can you please explain to me (gently… :a0 LOL) what I do to the Firewall Comodo while I download my upgrade to AVG 9 - so I am safe!

(note if I do not upgrade free vAVG 8.5- vAVG 9 - the older version will become redundant and I do not want that to happen at all)

Please advise me


Well, you could turn on the Windows firewall when you disable Comodo and see if the AVG installer has a problem with that.

Are you perhaps behind a router? If so, you do have some protection in the form of NAT, so you aren’t exactly wide open to the wild crazy internet when your firewall is turned off. (If you have a router, is the firewall enabled on it?)

Personally, if something asked me to turn off my firewall, I’d steer clear of that application.

Yeah, me too. I’d suggest you download and install CIS v3.12.111475.560 which is far and away the best and easiest version of Comodo yet. The AV is better than AVG as well in my opinion. Check out the links below first then do the sensible thing. javascript:void(0);


A few options.

Download AVG, disconnect from the net, disable CIS Firewall, install AVG while disconnected. Enable firewall, connect to the net and watch for alerts when AVG tries to get to the net.

Use the AV from Comodo

If you are not comfortable with CIS AV, you could use Avast, which rates highly.

I have CIS AV active and I use Avast as a secondary on-demand av scanner.

Hope this helps


Thank you for your replies everyone, and i will read what you have said and have a look into the issue