Uninstalling Comodo Time Machine

Im trying to uninstall comodo time machine on my windows 7 ultimate. when I tried to boot my laptop it shows the unintall screen. it says updating data and the progress bar stopped at 33%… its been 4hours and the progress bar is not moving at all… Tried turning it off and on but would still have the same issue! help me please… i need my files on my laptop…

Brybelo, try the “Three-finger-salute” approach used by ‘Desperate102’ in this thread https://forums.comodo.com/help-ctm/cancel-during-uninstallation-t73753.0.html

I’ve tried the 3 finger salute and it doesn’t seem to work on my laptop… still stucked at 33%… :cry:
if I knew comodo time machine would be this hard to uninstall, I should have not installed it… :frowning:

OK, in this case you are left with one choice, restore the MBR of your HDD which will disable CTM…

Find read some related threads on the forum on “uninstallation” !