Uninstalling Comodo Firewall Pro [Resolved]

Am trying to uninstall Comodo Pro Firewall (latest version). I have Vista Business Edition 32-bit and it is still showing up in the security centre.
Following methods have been tried:
Windows uninstaller
Comodo uninstaller
CCleaner uninstaller
Revo uninstaller (Moderate setting)
I have searched the forum and followed the advice about manually clearing the registry after each attempt but this still has not worked.
I did note something in the forum about an uninstall tool for V3 but I couldn’t locate the link.
Please could someone tell me how to completely clear it please?

Follow this link please and read the explanations in it:

Thank you for the reply. I have thoroughly read the link that you have provided and am extremely daunted by it (as I see from the thread other people are).
I have now tried safe mode with no improvement. The only other thing is the Comodo uninstaller tool which I can’t find a link to so if this can be provided I will have a go with that prior to following the advice as outlined in the thread.
I strongly suspect that I am going to have to pay my computer technician to deal with this as it is becoming beyond my comfort zone. I am sure that the product is satisfactory but I cannot understand why the developers have made it so difficult to get it off the system.

If I understand you right, you can’t find the registry cleaner tool. So, here it is (it attached to this post).
Read the README.txt file!

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  1. open cmd
  2. type in cmd : NET STOP WINMGMT /Y
  3. type then : cd "%windir%\system32\wbem" and afterwards RD /S /Q “Repository”
  4. as last : NET START WINMGMT /Y

this should fix it


Thank you Liron Jan for the link. I have again followed the instructions, successfully activated the cleanup utility and Comodo still shows up in the Security Centre so no joy there then, although I am grateful as it is another thing that i can discount. The other thing is that it actually doesn’t work because I still found two entries in the registry plus the third entry - Sandbox Driver in the Legacy-CMDGuard folder.
With regards to the post by eXPerience, I can follow the instructions but need a little more information if you don’t mind.
Presumably the instructions are to follow after removal? I wondered if they were to reset the Windows firewall in the security centre - am I correct? Also, do the quotation marks and spaces between the letters have to be adhered to?
I need it spelling out because I am inexperienced in using command prompt.

Thank you for all advice and help. The batch file tool didn’t remove all the entries in the registry but I had another go running it as administrator (I am using Vista) and within seconds it worked, switching off the security centre in the process. When I switched it back on reference to Comodo was gone but it wasn’t ‘seeing’ AVG so I had to uninstall and reinstall this and now everything is completely back to normal.
Thank you to the person who developed the tool - much appreciated. However, I will never use this software again until it can be removed simply and easily, as all software should be.

This thread can be considered as resolved (eXPerience, thanks), thus I’m locking it. If anyone wish to open it again, just send a PM to any online moderator.