Uninstalling Comodo Anti-Virus program [Resolved]

How does one go about uninstalling this program? I’ve tried the uninstaller that came w/program and that didn’t work. Also tried add/remove that got rid of the program but didn’t stop it from loading something (kernal fault check).

Note: Folder has been deleted. as well as taken out of the Common folder.

Any suggestions would be most helpful. Using Winxp Pro. Thanks!!

Hi & welcome. :slight_smile:

Is it version 2.0 beta?

I haven’t used if for a while, but I remember that a DLL file was left somewhere, maybe in Windows\system32. It was loaded with Windows, despite that CAVS was uninstalled (and the registry cleaned). It was therefore locked, I had to use Unlocker to remove it. It might have “cav” or “cavs” in the filename but I’m really not sure. I found it thanks to the component monitor of Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4, where this DLL was listed since it was loaded (or whatever, at least it was locked) with Windows.

Except for an internet connection problem (which the Windows net diagnosis tool solved), I had no other problems with removing CAVS. But there may have been other traces left, which I never noticed.

Hope this helped anything, we might need someone else to fill in. :wink:


Thank you for info. I forgot about the unlocker program. I tried as some else suggested Registry Seeker and it found about 9 registry of those suckers left behind. I deleted them and so far so good. Thank you for all you help and have a Happy Holiday.

That’s nice, I’m glad to help. You have a happy holiday too. :wink:


Since this problem seems to have been solved, I will mark it as resolved and lock it. If you have any other questions please PM a moderator with this threads URL so that we may reopen it.