Uninstalling CIS screen

what needs to be added is a special screen the requires to user to enter a CAPTCHA to be able to uninstall the program and also modify it. That way if any other software tires to go about removing CIS without the users knowledge it can’t. This should solve any problems people are having about being able to disable CIS without the user knowing.

Do they bypass UAC also?
How the uninstaller granted admin rights? (sorry, I won’t read 18 pages to that…).

I don’t know about UAC if it was on or off. And the installer if you watch the video is actually the windows msi installer, their app basically tells windows to uninstall the application.

What a bunch of lamers those MRG folks are, tuts :-X

also remember this is what I basically think is happening just by watching the videos and see what it calls for. Remember that this is just my guess but I’m pretty sure I am right. So in reality it is not an exploit, just a way to remove comodo without the user. I think the msi installer was made specifically to work in networking situations where the admin wants to install or remove programs by usng a script. And comodo has no reason to not trust the msi installer from windows because it is not a malicious application.

Of course, there is simply no other logical explanation.
Any other way would be impossible.

What’s sad is how hard they try to bash Comodo and how Chris was acting like it was something else in play. I asked him straight away after he uploaded that video, was terminating Comodo reason for no alerts, but he said No.

right because he thinks we’re stupid and can’t figure it out if he does not give us the file. what he does not realize is that putting CIS in proactive and turning everything up is just like giving us the application because comodo will show pretty much what his application is doing. so we don’t need the application, we saw what programs it was calling.

What’s even sadder is that he’s going to play cry baby now and stay muted until he and those other ‘brains’ at MRG ‘figure out’ next big ‘bypass’ :P0l

Also to any of the devs reading this, if you will use captcha please use and ASIRRA type, in my opinion and others it is one of the harder ones to ■■■■■, and still easy for people to use. http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/redmond/projects/asirra/

I’ve posted here https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/another-mrg-video-t58497.0.html;msg412934#msg412934 a suggestion to avoid unwanted uninstallation.