Uninstalling CIS results in certificate expirations and being blocked by my ISP

I uninstalled CIS and when I did I received expired certificate warnings asking me if i want to continue. then when I try to open a webpage I receive a registration page for my ISP and I cannot access the internet, telling me I have to register first which I never had to do.

When I check the details of the certificate it says something like Verisign: “ensures the identity of the remote computer”.

I reinstalled CIS and everything is working fine now the way it was before i uninstalled it.

Please tell me what is going on and why uninstalling CIS would result in my ISP blocking me?

Your ISP doesn’t even know you have CIS installed. Uninstalling it wouldn’t cause any difference to your internet experience as far as your ISP is concerned.

However, if you are using SecureDNS, uninstalling CIS should switch back to your ISP’s DNS service. Perhaps these require registration and since you’ve been using another DNS service, you weren’t aware of this until now?

I had CIS installed before I switched over to my new ISP and it was using Comodo secureDNS.

But this is strange.

Sounds like you can either continue to use SecureDNS (or another third-party DNS service) or register with your ISP if you want to use their DNS.

It has nothing to do with CIS.

I would check network settings and make sure in your IP properties you have obtain IP address and obtain DNS server addresses are set to automatic. Kind regards

Good idea Captain, or the OP could download the ClearCloud DNS Utility and Enable ClearCloud DNS and/or use it to Revert/Return to the Default (Automatically Obtain IP Addresses or whatever) :wink: :slight_smile: :

Uninstalling CIS will reset his DNS settings, (If he opted to use SecureDNS) which is why he is experiencing the problem that he is.

Edit: Clarification.