Uninstalling applications and 'protect own registry keys' option

When uninstalling an application that is shown in AppMon and has components in CompMon, should one first untick ‘protect own registry keys…’ in Advanced>Misc. Otherwise there will be useless registry entries left. ??

My method for uninstalling something that is in AppMon would be 1) Untick ‘protect own registry keys…’ 2) Uninstall via Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. 3) Reboot. 4) Clean up with ‘Regseeker’ or similar utility.


I don’t think it’s necessary to disable protect own registry to uninstall those applications, but it wouldn’t hurt. In CompMon, to ensure they are removed from the registry, remember to click the Apply button after you remove the entries.

Your method of uninstall software pretty much covers everything to be absolutely certain it’s “clean”, but I doubt it’s necessary.