WTF!,I removed your program or thought I did, even used the uninstaller that is on this site, and your product is still giving me GRIEF!

  1. Blocking pages with pop ups.
  2. Slow loading of FF and webpages.
  3. Causing my PC to freeze on wake up, forcing me to reboot constantly.

The remnants left behind is worse than dealing with most malware.
I can NOT recommend this product to anyone.

It sounds to me like the DNS servers listed on your computer are still Comodo DNS servers, which now have the Secure DNS active.

If you desire this removed, simply change your DNS servers back to what they were.

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Oh GREAT,MORE stuff left over?
Now how do I fix THAT???
And why wasn’t it set back to it’s original settings when I removed your program from my PC?


It should have been, but based on your other posts, I’d say it wasn’t.
Windows Help can show you how to change your DNS servers.

You can try reinstalling the version you have and then uninstalling it using Revo Uninstaller. That should solve any other lingering problems.