Uninstaller crashes for Chromodo

  • Chromodo (part of CIS install): version should be whatever is current as of yesterday when I disabled its auto-update option within Chromodo (I had not yet decided to disable the “Chromodo Updater” service.
  • Windows 7 SP-1 x64 Home

Each time I run its uninstall, it crashes and details lists a different faulting module. Several times the faulting module is AU_.exe (yep, with an underscore) which only exists in an ~nsp subfolder under Temp so it’s getting unrolled from somewhere by the uninstaller from another file. A couple times the faulting module was for WinCDemu (emulates CD/DVD drives). Another it was SYNCENG.DLL_ (which looks to be associated with Microsoft’s local OneDrive client).

Tried with everything disabled in CIS: HIPS, Auto-sandbox, Viruscope, Firewall - all were disabled (sure would be nice if Comodo gave me a Disable All button). Still the Chromodo uninstaller crashes.

Although Chromodo was installed as an option in CIS, running the CIS uninstaller to use Change (to add/remove components) does not list all the different bundleware that comes with the CIS installer package. Only CIS Firewall and CIS Antivirus are listed which means you remove those. Chromodo has its own entry in the Add/Remove Programs applet.

Oh joy, now I have to do a manual uninstall. It looks like most of the files for Chromodo are gone despite the crash of AU_.exe. There are a few files left, like .png and .xml files but those are under the Comodo folder. There are remnant registry keys or data items under them to delete, like:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\chromodo.exe

Thankfully the uninstall progressed far enough to delete the “Chromodo Updater” service (which is left enabled to Automatic load on Windows startup even if you configure the auto-update option within Chromodo to disabled).

Then I ran CCleaner’s registry cleanup tool to see if I had missed any registry entries, like those that would be dependent on the registry keys or the Chromodo-specific data items under them mentioned above that I deleted. The only significant find was for a missing MUI reference to the chromodo_updater.exe file. I don’t bother to delete MRU/MUI entries in the registry or keys or data items for other programs (which may use them for compatibility settings or whatever for that other program) when I do remnant cleanup.

Uffda! Hopefully Chromodo is gone and cleanly.

Attached are the event logs for the crashes. Didn’t find the one reporting SYNCENG.dll_unloaded which might be for Microsoft’s OneDrive or maybe Briefcase. Don’t know that they will help.

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Hi VanguardLH,
Probably a bit late with my suggestion now, but it sounds to me as if the installation was corrupt.
Running the installer and selecting ‘Repair’ may have solved the uninstall issue. (Screenshot)

Kind regards.

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Yep, a bit late since my post was how I had to cleanup the remnants after the installer crashed. I didn’t know about the Repair option. Since Chromodo was installed with the CIS installer, I had figured that’s the installer that would use its log to determine what to change, repair, or uninstall. Alas, the CIS installer (when ran as the uninstaller) gives a dearth of just 2 options: remove the firewall or install the antivirus (since I did not include it in the CIS install because I’m using Bitdefender).

However, I don’t know how a corrupt installation would affect the uninstallation. The installer creates a log of its changes so it knows what to undo when ran as the uninstaller. Changes made by using the program or incidentally by Windows won’t be recorded and why there are almost always remnants to remove after an uninstall, plus the uninstall never seems to be perfectly clean. So all the uninstaller would have to do is load itself (or issue MSI calls) and read the log file. It was during the removal phase (which did progress partway through) that the crash occurred. If I can kill processes, delete the files, and cleanup the registry, I can’t see how an uninstaller program can’t do the same. It’s just a cleanup.

Anyway, Chromodo is gone but I thought it would help (maybe just another user searching here) to see what I did to resume the crashed uninstall. Chromodo wasn’t that bad to do the remnant cleanup (versus Google’s Chrome which has lots of tentacles into the registry, task scheduler, and files). The uninstaller, before it crashed, did do some cleanup, like remove the updater service and perhaps got rid of some other registry entries so I only had the 9 significant ones to delete or data items under them.